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Do you need flower delivery in Belgrade? Do not worry! The flowers you choose can be at the desired address as soon as possible, anywhere in Belgrade, 24/7. Our online flower shop helps you to make your purchase easily and simply, with just one click of your mouse.

Why Provansa Dekor?

Everything from the site is available immediately. And, everything looks exactly the same like in the pictures.
Otherwise, we guarantee a refund.
Completely unique, freshly picked and created according to your wishes and your instructions, by our artists.
Direct delivery with great care. Each order is delivered with a handwritten note.
And at the specific time that we agree on.

We recommend

Our recommendation is luxurious flower arrangements that will surpass all other gifts. Forever romantic and unsurpassed 101 roses, as well as a variety of bouquets that show love, loyalty or friendship.
  • 101 Ruža u elegantnoj crnoj kutiji

    22,990.00 RSD
  • Box aranžman 11

    5,990.00 RSD
  • Aranžman 07

    1,790.00 RSD
  • Buket 02

    3,890.00 RSD

01. Hello, I need a flower delivery. Is that something you do?

Yes, we do flower delivery.

02. Ok, do you have a certain flower arrangement and can it be delivered at exactly 6 PM at "Vračar"?

Everything in our flower shop is available and it can be delivered in 1 hour, every day.

Provansa Beograd


The romantic 101 roses is what some say is the most beautiful bouquet. By ordering them, you will never make a mistake and which will show how much your loved one means to you. Choose the color and leave the rest to us.

  • 101 Ruža u elegantnoj crnoj kutiji

    22,990.00 RSD
  • 101 Ruža u korpi – 02

    24,990.00 RSD
  • 101 Ruža u buketu – 02

    25,990.00 RSD

Flowers in a box
Provansa Beograd


Choose flowers in a box that will surely be talked about. We have a large selection of immediately available box arrangements, which can be delivered to your loved ones within an hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional requests and custom made changes.

  • Box aranžman 12

    3,490.00 RSD
  • Box aranžman 17

    9,490.00 RSD
  • Box aranžman 07

    9,900.00 RSD

Luxury flower arrangements
Provansa Beograd


Our luxurious flower arrangements, in addition to beautifully decorated flowers, can also include drinks, sweets, fruits, plush toys, as well as everything that you know for sure will make the person that receives it happy. Let your imagination run wild. We will create it.

  • 201 Ruža u buketu – 01

    56,490.00 RSD
  • Aranžman – Korpa 01

    21,490.00 RSD
  • Aranžman – Korpa 06

    14,450.00 RSD

Flower Bouquets – Online Flower Shop

A bouquet of flowers is always a good choice when you are not sure what to bestow. Choose your favorite flower bouquet from our rich online store or describe directly to our staff how you want your dream bouquet to look. We will help you, by using all the power that a flower bouquet brings, to convey exactly the message you want.

  • Buket 05

    3,490.00 RSD
  • Buket 03

    7,290.00 RSD
  • Buket 36

    5,890.00 RSD

Raw material

If you want your flower shop or a gift shop to be modern and recognizable, take a look at our offer. We have more than 1500 always available items for flower arrangements and gift wrapping, and we send goods anywhere in Serbia within 24 hours.

101 Ruža

Večna Ruža

Luksuzni aranžmani

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